We carry out geotechnical engineering and engineering of groundwork. With solid experience and the use of new technology, we facilitate building pits with sheet pile, and/or RD steel pile. The method used is determined after careful consideration of the land's ground conditions.

The field of geoengineering includes:

  • Basic surveys
  • Mapping ground conditions with respect to pollution
  • Prepare basic data for foundation
  • Safety measures for building, facilities or construction.

Based on the current basic data, risk shall be based on ground conditions, calculated carrying capacity, stability and sentences, as well as proposals for foundation.

In case of proven poor ground conditions, the task includes the preparation of any concept for remediation of carrying capacity and stability, as well as safeguards on the construction site and the area outside.

In the event of detected contamination in the ground, in accordance with the pollution regulations, an action plan for the terrain intervention shall be prepared.


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